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How Can I Help CRPC?

There are many ways in which you can help the Cedar Rapids Pagan Community:

  • Attend CRPC meetings
    The more people, the stronger the community.

  • Add a link to our website from yours
    This will make it easy for people to find us, both due to them finding us through your page, as well as increasing our ranking in search engines, as many use the number of other sites linking to a page in determining how high it places in searches.
    The address is http://crpagans.org

  • Inform us of community service opportunities
    We are looking for opportunities to serve the community, such as adopting parks, running food drives, volunteering time, and anything else which we can do to help out the community.

  • Let us know if you are willing to help out with community service
    We need to know how many people are interested and when they are available before me make any commitments.

    Home| Calendar of Events|Links & Resources|Help Us|Contact us